The X Factor USA 2012: Boot Camp Contestants (List)


The X Factor USA 2012 auditions are over and contestants who passed the first stage will be heading to the next round of the competition – the boot camp.

Fox’s singing contest will be reaching its boot camp stage next week as the four judges – Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell will deliberate on who would stay and who would go.

Below is the list of singers/contestants who advanced to Boot Camp round. Did your favorite ‘X Factor’ contestant make it? You can click out the links to watch the contestants’ x factor journey.

Kansas City

Vino Alan
CeCe Frey
Rizzloe Jones
Tate Stevens
Kelsey Nord
Josef Washington Jr.
Erica Mills
Christy Gasper
Charlotte Embrey
Briana Wright
Ben Westphal
The Boyle Brothers

Austin TX

Brandon Hassan
Sister C
Jessica Espinoza
Normani Hamilton
Ally Brooke
Nic Von Cole
Latasha Lee Robinson
Mugzy McCauley
Kierro Thompson
Josh Metzler
Jesse Bryant
Jariah Higgins
Jake Garza
Genave McDuffie
Alisa Nappa
Swagg Boiz
Laydi Jai
24 7
Panda Ross
Jeremiah & Josh
Reed Deming
Paige Thomas

San Francisco, CA

Diamond White
Daryl Black
Sophie Tweed-Simmons
Tara Simon
Will Champlin
Trevor Moran
Saane Dakunivosa
Shaely Norris
Sade Harper
Nisha Kataria
Jordyn Foley
Jordan Shane
Jeffery Huston
De’Angelo Watson
Caleb Bigler
Amber Lily
Roxxy Montana
Alex Reid
Jason Brock
Quatrele Smith
Johnny Maxwell

Greensboro, NC

Willie Jones
Jeffrey Gutt
Julia Bullock
Austin Corini
David Correy
Nick Youngerman
Triple Threat
Talia Perez
Shelby Lynn
Owen Stuart
Matthew Allivato
Lauren Jauregui
Lydia Caesar
Malachi King
Jioan Parsons
Jordan Hill
Kayla Watson
Jacob Whitesides
David Kroll
Erika Lopez
Freddie Combs
Emma Avila
Cory Landis
Chris Scott
Cora Keller
Camila Cabello
Billy Allen
Cameron Armstrong
Ariana Nova
Alyssa LaFlair
Miss Understood
Lyric Da Queen
Dope Crisis

Providence, RI

Tory Thurman
Debora Dias
Nick Perelli
Dinah Jane Hansen
Beatrice Miller
Arin Ray
Tiffany Viray
Natalie Martin
Skyler Clark-Hamel
Sophie Beem
Troy Curtis
Nick Luebke
Melinda Camille
Manny Acosta
Matt Easton
James Tanner
Gabriel Adon-Roman
Danny Falco
Blaire Gagne
Bethly Cruz
Alyssa Hanley
Andrew Percario
Ashley Graffam
Pants Velour
Me vs Gravity
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Jennel Garcia
Jillian Jensen

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