American Idol 2014: Season 13 spoilers, Hollywood Round, Top 30 Guys and Girls

American Idol XIII Hollywood Week is officially over and now, the Top 30 names are popping out and the contestants are revealed for who will be moving on to the next round! Filmed the week of December 14 to 22 this year. Who made it to the Top 30 list of season 13?

American Idol 2014 spoilersImage credit: FOX

If you don’t want the American Idol 2014 spoilers for who made the Top 30, but do want to know who made it to Hollywood Week, head here for the list. Thanks to Idol Pad , American Idol Net for giving us spoilers and info.

Warning: *SPOILER ALERT* Below are the names of the contestants who made it to the Top 30 list.

Top 15 Females

1. Andrina Brogden
2. Austin Wolfe
3. Brandy Neelly
4. Bria Anai Johnson
5. Briana Oakley
6. Emily Piriz
7. Jena Irene
8. Jessica “Jess” Meuse
9. Jillian “Jill” Jensen
10. Kenzie Hall
11. Kristen O’Connor
12. M.K. Nobilette
13. Majesty York
14. Malaya Watson
15. Marrialle Sellars

Top 16 Males

1. Alex Preston
2. Ben Briley
3. Briston Maroney
4. C.J. Harris
5. Caleb Johnson
6. Casey Thrasher
7. Dexter Roberts
8. Emmanuel Zidor
9. Ethan Harris
10. George Lovett Hamilton
11. Jordan Brisbane
12. Malcolm Allen
13. Maurice Townsend
14. Neco Starr
15. Sam Woolf
16. Spencer Lloyd