Josh ‘Jada’ Davila – American Idol 12 Road To Hollywood INTERVIEW – Jada’s Chicago audition was not aired

Transgender Josh “Jada” Davila joined American Idol Season 12 and made it to Hollywood round. But sadly FOX didn’t air his audition.

Joshua’s alternate name is Jada and that’s because he’s a transgender, according to the New York Post:

An eccentric, transgender singer is one of the show’s top hopefuls this year — advancing past the show’s famous boot camp, Hollywood Week, last week, on-set sources tell The Post.

And he has some “Idol” experience.

Before auditioning last summer, Josh Jada Davila was a semi-finalist in Chicago’s “Windy City Gay Idol.”


“Androgyny is everywhere we turn,” Davila, a 26-year-old cosmetics salesperson, told an LGBT Web site in June. “We just don’t see enough of it in the media. So, that’s where I come in.”

This season is going to be awesome! A lot of interesting contestants. Just sad they didn’t show Jada’s audition. Watch his “Road to Hollywood” interview below instead.

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